Teaching & Training

Improving vocational competences is one of the missions of the GREASE network. The network serves as a platform to strengthen the capacities of its members, its partners, as well as future generations of Researchers.

Courses and trainings focus on specific themes, tools or methods in various disciplinary fields: Veterinary medicine, Public Health, Ecology, Economics, Sociology, Geography, Modelling Sciences, Biostatistics, etc. This is complemented by training in participatory research methods.

Trainings can take different forms: e-learning courses, academic courses and vocational trainings.

  • Higher Education

    Academic courses foto © J. Thanarotewatana
    Teaching and supervising a future generation of Researchers

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  • Vocational trainings

    Training © GREASE, J. Thanarotewatana
    Since 2010, GREASE members have taught or participated to a wide number of trainings in the fields of participative epidemiology, modeling, statistics, rodents, etc.

    Some experts have also been mobilized to teach Chinese veterinarians on animal disease surveillance and outbreak response, participatory epidemiology and risk analysis.

    Trainings are taught by GREASE network members or external specialists.

    Trainings are also an occasion for GREASE network members who attend them to learn and sometimes also to put new knowledge on the members’ research activities into practice.

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  • GREASE network's students

    GREASE network's students foto © GREASE
    Our network is supporting PhD and Master students, providing them quality scientific supervision from lab to field sites, in the framework of our research projects and fund rising strategies.

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  • E-learning

    E-learning © Cirad
    To meet the geographical and temporal constraints of his various collaborators, Cirad offers distance learning material online.

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