Meetings & Workshops

Training & Meeting are major activities of the GREASE network.

Partners involved within GREASE network are exchanging on a regular basis through scientific meetings and training sessions. Developing GREASE members vocational competencies and capacities in newest specific or multi-disciplinary tools and methods is also part of the network’s objectives.

The large diversity of expertise within the network allows its members to confront their view on some issues from different perspectives. The network is also a vibrant pool of skills and knowledge in itself that can be shared and spread on these occasions.

In addition to the institutional meetings of the GREASE network, such as annual Steering Committees, the GREASE network community frequently gathers during regional thematic conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings about its Research Themes and Projects.

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  • Seminars & Conferences

    Seminar & Conference photo © GREASE, J. Thanarotewatana
    GREASE members share the results of their work with a wide audience during public Seminars & Conferences.

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  • Workshops & Meetings

    Workshops and Meetings photo © GREASE. J. Thanarotewatana
    GREASE members share their results within the network during annual scientific seminar. They also discuss and debate about the network’s scientific priorities and strategy.

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