Main projects

In South-East Asia, a combination of many ecological and socioeconomic factors has led to the development and expansion of agro-ecosystems conducive to the emergence and dissemination of diseases, especially avian influenza.

In 2009, Cirad created a regional cooperation in partnership network with the aim of enhancing the management of emergent sanitary risks in South-east Asia. The GREASE network aims to gain insight into emerging diseases in this region by promoting university exchanges and pooling scientific synergies.

For the GREASE network partners, this comprises organizing and conducting research and training sessions on a regional scale in order to guide the development of appropriate health policies. Several topics have been developed in collaboration with regional OIE and FAO representatives and other existing networks, including: ecology and health (CERoPath and now BiodivHealthSea), surveillance system assessment methods including socioeconomic aspects (Revasia, SEA-PREID), animal influenza viruses, emerging diseases of suids (trypanosoma spp., encephalitis), and the development of modeling tools based on graph theory and sociology.

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