Global Health

Last update: 23 September 2013

Several international initiatives such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA 2005) and the One Heath initiative (2009) have emphasized the importance of cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary schemes including an ecosystem-based approach (i.e. ecosystem services providing regulation of pathogens and/or reservoirs and vectors).

Nevertheless, the implementation of One Health approaches is encountering numerous technical, scientific and institutional difficulties as researchers, public authorities and other actors are often locked into their own discipline or sector of action, and significant tendency to think and work in “silos” (vets, meds, environment, development) whether intellectually or institutionally.

GREASE network aims to overcome these barriers by developing a bottom-up cross-sectoral and multidisciplinary approach to health and to enhance effective collaboration among vets, meds, civil society, and the environment sector, sharing knowledge and divergent perceptions on an ongoing basis with the support of diverse tool (modelling, participatory approaches, biostatistics, GIS, social networking etc.).

Last update: 23 September 2013

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