About the network

The general objective of the network is to improve the management of epidemiological emergent risks in Southeast Asia by strengthening synergies and skills sharing. GREASE involves stakeholders from Thailand, Lao PDR, Cambodia, Vietnam, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Global context

The impacts of global changes (including climate changes) on sanitary risks emergence are claimed by international organizations and supported by several international programs. Particularly, vast changes affecting biodiversity and livestock production/marketing may unexpectedly increase the risk of zoonotic diseases transmission.

Six research topics

  • A brief History

     GREASE 1st Steering and Scientific Committee group © GREASE, P. Arayapreecha
    This research network and its activities were initiated by Cirad at the end of 2009. The network has then been developed through Projects planning and implementation, Trainings organisation and Meetings from 2010 on.

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  • Partnership

    Partners © GREASE, P. Arayapreecha
    GREASE (Gestion des Risques Emergents en Asie du Sud-Est) is a regional network on Emergent Risks Management in South East Asia. It is currently coordinated by the CIRAD/Kasetsart University office (office of the international affairs of the Veterinary Medicine Faculty) in Bangkok.

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  • Regional context

    Regional context © Cirad, F. Goutard
    In the particular geographic and institutional framework of Southeast Asia, ASEAN community 2015 objectives should considerably increase the mobility of people and livestock within ASEAN community.

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  • Global Health

    Global Health © GREASE, J. Thanarotewatana
    Several international initiatives such as the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MEA 2005) and the One Heath initiative (2009) have emphasized the importance of cross-sectoral and interdisciplinary schemes including an ecosystem-based approach (i.e. ecosystem services providing regulation of pathogens and/or reservoirs and vectors).

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